Marie, also known as Cinderella, is the titular character from the 2010 German adaptation of Cinderella. She is portrayed by Emilia Schüle.

Physical AppearanceEdit




Therese is Marie's stepmother. When she first meets Marie, she expects her to kiss her hand. Instead, Marie curtsies.


Clothilde is Marie's spoiled stepsister. When she first meets Marie, she sarcastically tells her that Marie's flowers stink. When Marie tries to talk to her, she is still rude to her. She even feigns pain at the dinner table, blaming Marie for kicking her. She also feigns pain at bedtime, to which Therese takes her to the attic, which makes Clothilde happy.

Prince LeonardEdit

Prince Leonard is Marie's future husband. He first meets her when he and his friend, Count Peter, dressed up as servants, gives Clothilde an invitation to the Ball.

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